Thursday, May 15, 2014

Exploration in Andrews, NC...

Marghie and I are headed down with Ken and Elaine to Andrews today to spend a couple of days meeting with key community leaders there and also looking at properties. Please pray with us, that God's heart might be stirred to action and that He sense His movement in US as well as we consider, discuss, and prepare for the work of the ministry that the Lord is calling the church to become equipped in.

For the sake of your name Lord, let the nation's sing out your praises.

For the sake of your name Lord, let the church awake and be a pure bride and all that you desire in this life.

For the sake of your name Lord, bring revival to this rebel, break my heart, call me out, humble me, renew my mind, purify my heart, refine me in the fire, and bless my way that many might see and fear your holy name. 

For the sake of your name Lord, circumcise our hearts again a second time and cause a even greater sensitivity towards the work of your Spirit. 

Lord, wake us early in the morning to commune with you.

Lord, give us a tongue of those who are taught. 

Lord, open our ears, hearts and minds that we might know the coming and power of the Lord Jesus Christ and proclaim it boldly as we should.

Come Lord Jesus and be our guest let all that you have given us be blessed! 

For the sake of your name Lord, let your Spirit fall fresh on us.