About Us

Jerry Allen Christensen is my full name.  I was born on February 18th, 1973.  My favorite things to do with the kids: making popcorn and watching a movie together, coaching football with the boys, making special breakfast on Saturday or Sunday for the whole family, and putting into action the dream God has given us.  My favorite thing to do on my own is Starbucks with my wife or hiking in the mountains.  My favorite part of the day is supper with the family.  My favorite passage of Scripture is Jeremiah 15:16.

My full name is Margaret Juliana Christensen.  I was born on October 22, 1977.  My favorite thing to do with the kids: learn history together in our home school, read to them at bedtime, play with the babies and watch my older ones play with the little ones.  My favorite things to do on my own are reading, and going on dates with Jace.  My favorite parts of the day are when JC gets home from work, and definitely bedtime....after pjs and teethbrushing, before tuck in when everyone is cozied up and a quiet ready for stories.  And then of course after they are all asleep and the house is quiet; needless to say it is hard for mama to make herself go to bed even when I am dog tired. :)  My favorite passage of scripture is Proverbs 3. (especially 5&6)

My full name is Martin Pierce Christensen.  My birthday is on January 9th, 1999.  When I am outside I like to jump on the trampoline, play backyard football and catch frogs in the creek.  When I am inside I like to read early american history books and watch batman and scooby-doo.  In school I like learning language arts.  My bedtime prayer is "Lord you are the vine and I am your branch I will abide in you and and bare much fruit. Amen"

My full name is William Arthur Abraham Christensen.  My birthday is April 11, 2000.  My favorite things to do outside are play football, kick the can, and sardines.  My favorite things to do inside are sock wresling, watch TV, and listen to Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  In school I like to learn mathamatics.  My bedtime prayer is "Lord let the nations be glad because of me."

My full name is Sameul Bennett Christensen.  My birthday is on Sept. 25th, 2002.  When I am outside I like to climb trees and play in the creek.  When I am inside I like to play with legos and my sisters.  I like doing addition in school.  My bedtime prayer is "Speak Lord for I am listening and I will trust in you with all my heart and not lean on my own understanding.  In all my ways I will acknowledge you.  Lord, make my paths straight!"

My full name is Juliana Ruth Christensen.  My birthday is November 19th, 2004.  My favorite things to do outside are climbing trees, jump on the trampoline, and going sleding.  My favorite things to inside are have tea partys, dress up, and help my mom cook.  My favorite thing in school is learning to read.  My bedtime prayer is "I will be your bride and make myself ready."

Gretchen Lucia Christensen is my full name.  I was born on January 16th of 2006.  My favorite things to do outside are make snow angels and snowmen, jump on the trampolin, and help mom and grandma in the garden.  When I'm inside my favorite things to do are to help load/unload the dishwasher, sweep the dirt on the kitchen floors into piles, play with my cousin Silas and do dress up with my sister Ruthie.  My favorite part of school is eating snacks, school is pretty hard work - you have to color all day and learn shapes and colors and numbers and letters... it's a lot to remember.  But I can count to ten! (but then I get out of breath)
My bedtime prayer is "I will be a light in dark places."

My full name is Jesiah Lane Christensen.  I was born on August 14th, 2008.  When I'm outside I like to jump on the trampolin, eat snow and play with the chickens.  When I'm inside I like to ride on my "Wheelie-Bull", watch a movie (anything on the tv), and read books with mom or dad.?  I like learning in school especially my colors and how to color and I like repeating words after my brothers and sisters.  My bedtime prayer is "Lord I am your mighty warrior."

My full name is Elisabeth Mae Christensen.  I was born on April 19th, 2010.  I like to ride on my mom's back while we work in the garden and be around the action with whatever my siblings are doing.  Inside I like to stand up on things and explore.  I love learning how to crawl and how to put things in my mouth.  My bedtime prayer is "Lord you are my promise and I will be devoted to you."