Saturday, December 20, 2014

How much transition can one family take?

So the month of December has been a whirlwind... decorating for Christmas, finding a place to rent until the spring, caring for sick family members, packing boxes, upon boxes, upon boxes... and yes there's more to pack, cleaning out the barn to get it ready for storing the majority of our belongings while we rent, and finally looking for new employees as Dave Artrip and intern Kira will not be traveling with us, and trying to give a Christmas present to all of our January customers by getting their product done in time for Christmas.
Through it all the Lord has allowed for some precious moments but there are days when Marghie Christensen and I just stare blankly at each other and remind each other to keep breathing.  Each of the family is dealing with the transition in different ways. Many of the kids are acting out in unexpected ways and we just have to remind ourselves to put on compassion and love each other through this.
Dave Artrip has worked with us for like 6 years now and seeing him move on to the next season of his life is a bit like losing a family member. I'm not really sure how to process it (JC). He certainly is a key man on our team and we will surely miss him. We're not sure he can be replaced but someone will have to take his place. We love Dave and the ways in which he has taught us to serve others with a gentle and quiet spirit.
In the past week the Lord has opened up doors for a new staff member for the mill, a place to rent in Orrville that meets all of our family's needs, and we've gotten a ton of things packed so far this weekend. We were also able to share with our church family about our future move in the Spring this past Sunday. The older boys are being such a huge help.
Please continue to pray as we continue to listen and walk according to the Lord's leading.
JC on behalf of the Christensen crew

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