Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bet You Didn't Know! (Martin Pierce)

Okay so you know that I have always been freakishly large for my age and I haven't shown any signs of stopping.  If I continue at this current pace Dad says I will be 6'8" and 330 pounds as an 18 year old!  WHOA!  Currently I'm 5'8" and just cracked 200 pounds and I haven't turned 12 yet.  I'm the oldest child in our family and love helping out with the other young ones and helping mom with daily chores like making bread and anything else that mom needs - EVEN LAUNDRY!  Mom says I'm developing into a pretty capable guy!

But here's some things that you might not know about me...

  • I like to wake up at weird hours.  I am the earliest bird in our family.  Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night go down stairs and drink a glass of water.  I also like to wake up early and read books before we have to go out and do our chores.
  • My favorite memory from this year was losing our first two games of the football season and then winning four straight games and making it into the playoffs.  Everyone thought we were going to have a terrible season after the first two games but we were just really young and we played some really experienced teams in the first two games.  We learned alot and came together as a team and played really well the rest of the season.
  • I never want to give up eating Lem's Pizza!  It's the best!!! We go down there almost once a week.  It's become a family tradition and I love it.
  • My favorite movie is - Star Wars: Phantom Menace.  I remember making popcorn and having a movie night in the basement as a family.  And that's what began years of playing light sabers with my brothers and learning to ambush them (but more about that later).
  • I don't really sing in the shower but I like to hum random songs that come to mind.  Maybe someday I'll sing but for now I'm just a hummer.
  • Some of you may not know this but I like to chew on my fingernails.  I'm not sure why I just do it.  Maybe secretly I have a fear of fingernail clippers.
  • Peanuts and caramel would be my favorite ice cream topping and I'm not sure I could decide which one I would rather have - so I'll just take both every time.
  • I'm a bit of a prankster...  I like to ambush my brothers with snowballs in the winter when they are least expecting it.  Yesterday Abe and Sam were playing in the parking lot while we were packing up Conrad and Monica's stuff for their move back down to Georgia.  I decided to make a snowball and heave it at them, and just missed Abe's face - muhahahahahaha.  I quickly reloaded and took aim again at Abe and nailed him in the back of the head.  Whoops... sorry Abe (c:
  • I have a crazy dream of designing a project for NASA someday.  I want to create a new gravity system for astronauts in space.  I think I could design a system of magnetic fields similar to the one our earth uses but making it just a personal magnetic sphere that is in harmony with the rest of the universe.
  • I would have packed myself in my dad's suitcase when he went to Kyrgyzstan in March.  But I think he would have noticed.  Talk about a living out your crazy dream... I remember the first time my dad talked about moving to Kyrgyzstan and helping them process their own natural fibers and partnering with them as we enter and enjoy life in God's kingdom together - I was like WHAT?!  And now here we are 4 years later planning a trip this coming spring and I get to go with him this time!
If you have other things you would like to know about me just leave me a comment and I'll reply back.  Thanks for reading my post.


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