Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bet You Didn't Know! (William Authur Abraham)

here's 10 random things you might not know about me...

I have the longest name in my family, but I go by just Abe.  I'm officially the first "ham" in the family but certianly not the only one (maybe that's why they named me Abra-ham).  I like to do art and other creative things.

You'll typically find me outdoors doing sports, camping, hiking or
exploring.  This was my second year of youth football and I got 11 sacks and a lot more tackles for loss on defense - defense is my favorite.  But here's some things you might not know about me...

  • I'm pretty scared of heights.  We went to North Fork Mountain range this fall and hiked along the ridge.  There was a bluff along the one side of the trail and you could see for miles, but it was a really long ways down.  I guess I'm not really scared of heights but it does make me nervous.
  • I like to play in the creek, jump on the trampline and build clubhouses during my freetime.
  • If I had to pick my career I would choose either being a mountian climbing guide or join the army and be a general and help train the troops.
  • I like snowy days better than rainy days, if the snow is perfect for packing.  When it is I like build snow forts and have snowball fights with my friends and family.  Rainy days aren't bad I just like snowy days better because I like to be outdoors (c:
  • If I had to choose the three things that are most beautiful in nature they would be watching a hawk fly, looking off the tops of mountains in the fall when all the leaves are changing colors, and watching a lion stalk and attack its prey.
  • My first year of football was really hard for me.  There were lots of things that I didn't know how to do.  One thing was during stretching we had to curl up in a ball and roll back and forth and then roll all the way over and let my feet touch the ground behind my head... this was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
  • I care the most about my parents.  They give me a home, food, a bed to sleep on, education, teach me skills I can use for later in life and give me practical chores that I can do to help our family out.  I care about my mom and dad a lot, my brothers and sisters too.
  • When nobody wants to do what I suggest we do I get really bored.  Like if I suggest a particular game or to play something outside and nobody else wants to do it I feel like really sad and then just get really bored.
  • My favorite band is Skillet.  I like Skillet because they sing songs that I understand and can sing along with.  They sing music that isn't about weird stuff but things that are important like who Jesus is and how I can live for him.
  • My five favorite foods: pizza from Lem's, homemade macroni and cheese, shepherd's pie, chicken pot pie, and Thanksgiving Dinner (I realize that's not a food but its so hard to just pick one)

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